Terms and conditions

Chapter 1.

Fees are paid in advance of instructions being accepted and all work commencing. Successful traces are reported with virtual certainty however no guarantee is expressed or implied. The main factors which may stop a successful trace within UK to the stated fee are as follows:-

1.                The individual is within a Police or MI 5 or 6 security services or military protection program.

2.                They are part of a terrorist organization.

3.                They are permanently resident outside of UK and/or have no financial dealing in UK attached to banks property or credit. Where the subject has dealing but is not resident in UK additional fees will be required to trace into that jurisdiction.

4.                They are deceased (in which case the approximate date of death and last address is reported)

5.                They are in prison.

6.                They are part of a Mafia or similar group or operating a safe house.

7.                The original instruction is defective or in error in an important detail.

8.                The individual has taken steps to conceal their identity, for example by using false dates of birth, no date of birth or alias names, making further enquiries necessary to additional fees.

9.                In matters where an accurate name cannot be provided regarding the subject of enquiry.

10.             In some cases where a date of birth has not been provided it is necessary to research a birth certificate.

11.             In matters where the client is unable to provide a proof of debt or lawful cause.

Chapter 2

Issues concerning: Voiding of contracts, legal guidance, invoicing and payments

1.                The original instruction or subsequent instructions are made for an unlawful purpose. In this event the contract is void for illegality and fees are retained.

2.                Subsequent instructions if insisted upon by the client and if implemented would constitute an illegality, in this event the contract is void for illegality and fees are retained.

3.                In matters where this firm has provided legal guidance in specific cases it is understood and agreed that this guidance is not legal advice. Where the term ‘advice’ is used the common definition not the legal definition is applicable. Hence the definition of legal advice is not applicable to the guidance we may issue irrespective of the wordage used to describe that guidance in reporting.

4.                All our work is compliant with that Data protection Act.

5.                The stated fee will not be exceeded prior to consultation with clients. This firm does not offer credit facilities and accounts must be maintained in credit for work to continue.

6.                Reasonable disbursements may be charged in addition to quoted or estimated fees and this will be indicated on the estimate if appropriate. Please ask in advance if you require more information.

7.                We do not supply any personal data to third parties for any purpose.

8.                Where clients have paid vis card services provided by Worldpay or other providers the client’s credit card statement will record ‘James Black Services’.

9.                All contracts are with Paso Cinco Limited registered in England and Wales and the laws of England and Wales apply.

Chapter 3

Verification and Nature of service.

Information is supplied for the purposes of debt recovery fraud and connected issues the tracing of beneficiaries reunification of family and friends and for legal actions and pre legal action enquiries and litigation support in UK and internationally. Much of the information provided by this service is obtained by James Black from third parties (including government authorities), over whom James Black has no control. The volume and nature of the information available on this service makes it impractical for James Black to physically verify it. If James Black were to attempt to do so, the company could only offer this service at a significantly increased cost. You are responsible to ensure this information is used responsibly and for legal reasons. By using this service you will acknowledge your acceptance of these risks. Verify before use.

Paso Cinco Limited T/A James Black. Registered in England and Wales 10496739