An old and dear friend regained.


A 20 year misunderstanding cleared up with my old friend Robin. Worth every single penny. To be honest I had my misgivings and felt a little daft emailing Mr Black but I’m so pleased i did. He was polite, kept me updated and the information was spot on. Thank you.

Polly M. London. July 2018

Mary E - London England

Thank you so much you found Lewis for me and he was so pleased I wrote to him. I last saw him when he was a child, you have done a great job with so little to go on. Thank you again I feel like it is Christmas all over again.

Mrs. Judith Ellis Manchester UK

James Black Josaphone has been missing for 20 years. Thank you for finding her for me. Amazing. With what I was able to tell you about her, just her first name and her job and the last place I knew her I did not think it could be done. I think you are absolutely brilliant and your skill has made me cry with happiness.

Mrs. Judith Ellis Manchester UK March 2010

Mr. K.R. Small Business Owner and Landlord


The address you found for me is still in his name. We got him thanks to you. We will take action now and issue a writ etc at the address you found. Thanks again great work good value. You said you could do it and you did, very skilled man.

Mr. K R Small business owner and landlord Birmingham UK May 2011

Chris, London UK


Many thanks indeed for a most interesting and informed report.

I am away on holiday for the rest of the month and don’t propose to waste any of it thinking about Mr Richards. But when I return I will be in touch, as I will be interested to know if you think we can actually nail the guy and what this would involve.

More generally, you have useful skills and I am glad to have you on my radar.

Best Regards

Chris (UK Barrister by training, company owner and leading industry expert). London UK August 2011.

Jacki Hands, Central UK

Dear James

Thank you. You are not only helpful but kind with it.

Thanks again

Jacki Hands (Central UK August 2011)

On 6th August 2011 at 01:16 Jackie kindly wrote a review for James Black as follows:-

If you need help when searching for family and friends or missing persons for any reason then this is the website to go for. James Black is reliable, trustworthy and very efficient. He found the information I was looking for quickly and I knew exactly what it would cost me and when I would receive a reply. I would recommend him to anyone just as he was recommended to me. An excellent service, with a personal touch.

Jacki Hands (04 August 2011).


Charlie Black, Scotland

Hi James

I went to see Agnes yesterday and found her no problem with your report. She was delighted to see me. You did an amazing job for me and with such little information

Many thanks again for your good work


Charles Black Scotland UK May 2012 by e mail 8 May 2012 10:10:21 GMT+01:00

Jones Day Consulting

Jones Day are a leading law firm in UK and internationally. Ms Richa Singh Solicitor wrote this to James Black in 2009:-

Dear James,

Thank you very much for all the information. I was very impressed with your work, and have recommended you to others in the firm.

Thanks again and kind regards


Jones Day London Office  May 2009